Welcome to our new website

Published: 28th January 2012 by The Idea Bureau.

Welcome to Trio’s new website. Trio itself has been going for some time but we have been so busy working with our clients, we haven’t had time to set up a website.

We are launching the site at the beginning of what promises to be a difficult year for many. Economic forecasts are gloomy and budgets are going to be tight. Yet, with massive political and policy changes afoot, no organisation can afford to stand back and watch the world change around them.

This means that it is absolutely essential to ensure that the time and money your organisation spends on advocacy and communication is going to have maximum impact.  You can’t do this without understanding your audience and the context in which they are operating. Without this, you can never be sure how best to invest your time or whether your activities are going to achieve their objective. Even in the best of times, it is deeply frustrating to see organisations squandering their time and resources because they haven’t got a clear plan or are struggling to implement it effectively.

Trio has helped a range of organisations respond more effectively to the political and policy context in which they are operating. The case studies section of this website describes how we have done this for a range of organisations. We would love to help you too so please get in touch so that we talk about how.