Updated post-2015 timeline

Published: 24th February 2014 by Claire Hickson.

2014 could be a difficult ‘in-between’ year for those trying to follow the post-2015 development agenda process. 2013 saw the publication of a range of high-profile reports and 2015 is when the final negotiations will take place. 2014, on the other hand, will be largely focused on individual themes and the build up to 2015.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty going on and Trio Policy’s updated post-2015 timeline is here to keep you informed and engaged.

As illustrated by the timeline, a number of significant events on key themes and issues will take place during the first half of 2014 – including ongoing Open Working Group meetings and UN General Assembly thematic debates on issues such as peace and security. Later in the year, the focus will shift towards the broader agenda and the negotiations that will result in the final set of goals. In September, the Open Working Group and the Committee on Sustainable Development will report their findings to the UN General Assembly (update: on 25th February, the OWG published a ‘focus areas’ document), which will hold a ‘high-level stocktaking event’, and the UN Secretary General is expected to provide a synthesis report in the final quarter of the year, laying the ground for the detailed negotiations in 2015.

Over 3500 people viewed our earlier timeline. I hope you find this updated version as useful. As before, it is not exhaustive, but reflects our understanding of the process. We welcome your comments on the timeline.

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Trio Policy – updated post-2015 development goal timeline by Claire Hickson