Understanding and influencing the post-2015 process

Published: 9th October 2014 by Claire Hickson.

“Trio’s detailed knowledge of the post-2015 process and experience in designing and delivering international campaigns were invaluable to us in thinking through our strategy. Their support helped us prioritise opportunities and work out who we should be targeting and how. It is possible to waste a lot of energy on such processes and Trio helped us avoid that by working with us to plan an effective and realistic approach.” Alice Allan, head of advocacy, CARE International UK

Understanding and following the UN-led process that will (hopefully) eventually agree a new set of goals to replace the Millennium Development Goals when they expire in 2015 can be challenging – especially if you don’t have much time or resources to devote to it.

It is a complex and lengthy process with many unknowns. There is no one individual or body that will decide the result. A number of high-level groups, panels and forums have played a role but ultimately it is the 193 UN member states that will decide.

Trio has been helping its clients understand the process and develop strategies to influence it.

We have been tracking and analysing the negotiations and outcomes on an ongoing basis for Self Help Africa and the Small Foundation.

We have also helped the Banking on Change partnership, involving Barclays, CARE International UK and Plan UK, think through their approach to ensuring financial inclusion is in the final set of goals and targets. We helped them identify opportunities to influence the outcome, the allies that can help them and the activities to include in their forward plan.

Trio has also tried to help others understand the key actors and events on the path to the post-2015 agreement by providing maps of the timeline and stakeholders. We hope to produce another map for the final year once the process becomes clear.

If you need help deciding if and how your organisation should engage with the process or help in delivering your campaign in this final year, get in touch with me at claire@triopolicy.com. There are a range of ways in which we can help from short strategy sessions and team workshops, to ongoing advice and support.