Post-2015 Stakeholder Map

Published: 4th September 2013 by Claire Hickson.

Following on from our post-2015 development goals timeline, Trio Policy has produced this stakeholder map to help make sense of who has been and who will be important in the process of deciding on the final goals. We have had a very positive response to our timeline and hope you will find this map equally helpful. The second page provides further details on each of the actors and links to the reports they have produced.

As before, we would very much welcome comments on this stakeholder map and whether or not it captures all the key actors in the right way. Thanks to those who have already contributed their thoughts.

And while you’re here – don’t forget to take our NGO advocacy survey. It only takes 10 minutes and you have until 30th September to submit your answers.

Post-2015 Development Agenda Stakeholder Map by Claire Hickson