How an audit can help improve the impact of your advocacy

Published: 13th September 2012 by Claire Hickson. Tagged in: , , , ,

What is an advocacy audit and why commission one?

An audit is your opportunity to find out how good you are at communicating with the people you are trying to influence. It involves asking your key audiences for their views on your advocacy: the tools and messages you use, your strengths and your weaknesses.

An audit does not replace the need to monitor and evaluate your campaigns on a more regular basis, but it allows you to step back and look at the bigger picture once in a while. It can tell you about the overall impact of your advocacy and campaigns and how the organisation, its messages and profile are perceived.

Our recently updated case study on our work with Amnesty International UK demonstrates this perfectly. Amnesty commissioned Trio to conduct both internal and external audits to help the organisation develop its new political strategy. It shows that even an organisation like Amnesty that is already very effective at advocacy and campaigning can use an audit to help it continue to improve.

As Allan Hogarth, senior advocacy officer, who commissioned the audits, put it: “Trio’s work auditing our advocacy and political communications has made a huge contribution to the development of Amnesty International UK’s political strategy. The audits gave us the kind of honest feedback we could never have got on our own. Based on this feedback and their own experience and expertise, Trio provided us with a series of ideas and recommendations on how to improve the impact of our advocacy and ensure that we are using our resources to maximum effect. We can now make decisions about the way we communicate with political audiences in a way that would have been impossible if we had not commissioned Trio to conduct the audits.”

Get in touch if you think an audit could help your organisation improve the impact of its campaigns.