Transparency and Accountability Initiative

"Claire and her team did a fabulous job on the design of both the T/AI website and its 2011 publications. I regularly have people congratulating us on both counts for the sleekness of the design and - especially - usability of the site!"

Developed and implemented a communications strategy for a leading group of international donors.

The goal:

To help the T/A Initiative promote transparency and accountability to a global audience of governments, donors and organisations.


The T/A Initiative is a group of international donors working to promote greater transparency and accountability in areas such as natural resource extraction, aid and government budgets. The Initiative had commissioned extensive research into what could be learned from past projects and had looked at opportunities for improving impact in the future. This research needed to be communicated to others to enable the Initiative to influence future policies and practice.

What we did:

Trio created a brand for the T/A Initiative, designed and set up its website and social media presence, and prepared over 20 research papers for publication.