Small Foundation

"Trio’s experience, professionalism and insight have added significant value to Small Foundation’s advocacy work."

Created new relationships and promoted smallholder investment in agriculture in Africa.

The goal:

To strengthen the Small Foundation’s understanding and involvement in policy debates on rural and agricultural development in Africa.


The Small Foundation provides opportunities to rural African families enabling them to gain economic independence through income generation. It provides funding to a wide range of organisations involved in helping subsistence farming communities to access knowledge, finance, technology and markets, but also recognises that advocacy is key to achieving its mission.

Our work:

Trio provides ongoing support to the Small Foundation, helping to identify key actors and groups involved in policy discussions about the role of agriculture and smallholder farmers in Africa’s development. We have helped the Foundation build new relationships with the right people in these forums and to create and engage in debates about the UK government’s support to agriculture in Africa and the role of the private sector in giving African subsistence farming communities the opportunity to access markets and transform their lives.