Self Help Africa

"Claire Hickson is a trusted and very valuable resource for our work in London. She identifies key decision-makers, helps to forge a compelling message on behalf of poor African communities, and then delivers that message directly to those who can bring about change. Her strategy is intelligent, appropriate and persistent - as a result she has helped to shift attitudes about rural Africa in the corridors of power in the United Kingdom in a relatively short space of time. We recommend her highly."

The goal:

To influence key cross-party political and policy audiences to promote greater investment in African agricultural development and smallholder farmers.

The background:

Self Help Africa works with rural communities and smallholder farmers in eight African countries, helping them to improve their farms and livelihoods. It is also committed to advocating on behalf of African smallholder farmers. Whilst smallholder agriculture is vital to Africa’s development, there‚Äôs been a consistent decline in the amount of international support to the sector over the past twenty years. Self Help Africa wants this to change and to ensure that investment in African agriculture, both public and private, delivers maximum benefit to smallholders and their families.

Our work:

We provide ongoing support to Self Help Africa to develop its understanding of the people, policy and political environment surrounding the UK’s international development policies.
As a result, Self Help Africa has established relationships with key decision-makers in Whitehall and Westminster. The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) recently announced that it will be making a major statement about its support to food, agriculture and nutrition in 2013.