Save the Children UK

"Trio’s work was extremely valuable in the development our advocacy plans for 2015. Trio’s intelligence gathering and briefings were thorough and thoughtful, giving us an excellent insight into what matters most to key countries, who is making decisions in those countries and how to engage with them in a constructive way. The briefings also helped our country teams think through their broader engagement strategies and informed our planning for our global post-2015 campaign. Helen Morton, Save the Children UK"

The goal:

To inform Save the Children’s campaign for a Post 2015 Framework that works and that promises to leave no one behind.

The background:

Save the Children has been actively involved in the debate around what should replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they expire in 2015. The organisation has set out their ‘Framework for the Future’ – 12 Goals, 50 targets and 1 vision – an end to extreme poverty in a generation. Save the Children want the agenda to be ambitious but implementable and for it to commit to the principle that no target can be considered achieved unless it is met by all social and economic groups.

Our work:

To help boost the effectiveness of their advocacy, Save the Children asked Trio to conduct a mapping of the positions and perspectives of key countries, particularly South Africa, India, Brazil and China, where the organisation is planning more substantive engagement around the post 2015 agenda. Our research involved a thorough literature review and interviews with those following the process and politics in those countries. The outcome was briefings summarising the perspectives and politics surrounding post-2015, an overview of key decision-makers and influencers in those countries, and suggestions on how best to engage with them.