Farm Africa

"Trio's work has made a huge difference to our understanding of how we are viewed by key decision-makers and how we should go about building our profile and improving our relationships. Even before the work was finished, we were invited to give a keynote speech at the year's major event on hunger – the Hunger Summit hosted by the UK Government in the run-up to the G8 Summit in June 2013. This was a great opportunity to raise the profile of our work. Nigel Harris, CEO"

The goal

To help Farm Africa measure and raise its profile with key government partners.

The background

Farm Africa works directly with African smallholder farmers to help them unleash their potential to feed Africa’s people and deliver rural prosperity. Farm Africa is committed to increasing its impact by using the lessons it learns on the ground to influence the policies and practices of others.

Our work

Farm Africa commissioned Trio to help it achieve its objective of influencing others by auditing its current profile with key government partners and making recommendations on how to improve this profile. As a result of our work, Farm Africa was invited to give a keynote speech at the June 2013 hunger summit organised by the UK Government as part of its G8 Presidency.