CARE International UK

"Trio's input has been extremely helpful. Their external perspective really helped us step back and clarify our thinking. Their expertise and understanding of how to achieve development outcomes in a changing world was very evident."

The goal:

To help CARE International UK develop effective advocacy and private sector strategies.

The background:

CARE International is one of the world’s leading aid and development agencies. It has long prided itself on the spread and quality of its programmes which reach an estimated 120 million people in over 80 countries. CARE International realises that it can help improve the lives of even more if it can harness the experience it gains from these programmes to advocate for policy changes at national and international levels.

Our work:

Trio has been helping CARE International UK build its capacity to advocate for change by advising the organisation on the development of its advocacy strategy, as the starting point for their growing advocacy activities. We will also be working with them on their strategy focusing on advocacy around the private sector.