Business Fights Poverty – smallholder farmer impact working group

The goal:

To explore collaboration between businesses and NGOs in developing indicators and methodologies for measuring the impact of investment on smallholder farmers.

The background:

International food and drink companies are increasingly expanding their supply chains to include African smallholder farmers. Many NGOs that work with smallholders have taken an interest in this development, working with companies to develop supply chains that are beneficial to smallholders or monitoring the development of these supply chains. Better information on the impact these supply chains have on smallholders would allow companies to adapt their practices to improve the benefits to smallholders and enable them to assess the sustainability of those supply chains. It would also help improve the dialogue between companies and civil society on how to improve their impact.

Our work:

Trio Policy worked with Business Fights Poverty to set up the working group involving both key companies and NGOs. This group is working with the companies to implement and test a framework developed by the Sustainable Food Lab to help companies monitor their impact on smallholders.