Amnesty International UK

"Trio's work auditing our advocacy and political communications has made a huge contribution to the development of Amnesty International UK's political strategy. The audits gave us the kind of honest feedback we could never have got on our own. Based on this feedback and their own experience and expertise, Trio provided us with a series of ideas and recommendations on how to improve the impact of our advocacy and ensure that we are using our resources to maximum effect. We can now make decisions about the way we communicate with political audiences in a way that would have been impossible if we had not commissioned Trio to conduct the audits.” Allan Hogarth, Senior Advocacy Officer, Amnesty International UK"

The goal:

To help Amnesty International UK deliver its advocacy more effectively with limited resources.

The background:

Amnesty International is one of the world’s most recognisable and effective campaigning organisations. It is keen to make sure it remains capable of delivering on its advocacy goals across the huge range of issues and countries on which it campaigns and to ensure that the way it advocates and campaigns remains effective over time.

Our work:

Amnesty International UK commissioned Trio Policy to conduct an internal and external audit of its advocacy activities. The external audit involved discussions with over 40 people including current and former Ministers, special advisers, Parliamentarians, civil servants and other political figures, asking them what they think of Amnesty International UK’s advocacy, what works and what could be strengthened. For the internal audit, we spoke to staff from across the organisation about their participation in advocacy activities and how they could be more effective.

Using the feedback from the audits and our years of experience of helping organisations improve their advocacy, Trio made recommendations to Amnesty on how to strengthen the impact of its political campaigns and communications and ensure that the whole of the organisation was working together to achieve advocacy goals.