Agriculture for Impact

"Trio's knowledge of agricultural development and excellent research skills helped us develop a strong technical foundation for our future communications around sustainable intensification. Emily Alpert, Deputy Director, A4I"

The goal:

To help Agriculture for Impact (A4I) gather evidence and examples on key elements of the sustainable intensification approach to agriculture.

The background:

A4I is an independent advocacy initiative led by Professor Sir Gordon Conway aimed at enabling European government support for productive, sustainable, equitable and resilient agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing in particular on the needs of smallholder farmers. The Montpellier Panel, which A4I convenes, published a report on Innovation in Sustainable Intensification in 2013, and A4I is committed to helping policy makers and others understand the SI concept.

Our work:

A4I asked Trio to research and develop briefings on key topics relating to sustainable intensification, such as participatory research, extension, cooperatives and value chains. The briefings provided an overview of the issues, innovative approaches and evidence of what has worked in both the developed and developing world.